jeudi 18 juin 2009

Today was horrible, yesterday was better

I'll talk to u about yesterday =)

So yesterday was a hot and sunny day. I couldn't post anything because I was studying my history exam (it's friday and we have SO MUCH to learn...anyway!). So here are the pictures of what I was wearing yesterday. I'm not going to make a post on today because it was a bad day, with a french exam and I hate my french teacher. She fat, she's swetting like a pig and she have a beard... 

So I made this shredded tee myself, and under it, I'm wearing a AA swimsuit and a AA skirt. My shredded t-shirt was actually beautiful before my cat played with it and left a HUGE hole in it... I'll have to make another one :)

I also put picures of my new baby-rib tee, with the swimsuit and the AA skirt.


mardi 16 juin 2009

It was HOT today!! Finally a real June temperature... ouf!!   Here's my outfit! Hope u like it =) even with the socks :p

I took those in the morning, but before I left my house, I added a "peace" necklace, a pearl necklace in my hair (it's beatiful, I'll probably do that again) and a gold bracelet gilded with red stones :) It was pretty cool I think... Anyway, here are the pictures of the outfit WITHOUT the accesories, if I have time, I'll take new ones with them on :)

kisses -xox-

The one where I'm running looks SO stupid lol... I was trying to immitate Coco Rocha, it didn't work lol!!

lundi 15 juin 2009

In french this time :)

Donc j'ai mis la liste des meilleurs sites de mode (d'après moi!!) Il y a PLEIN d'idées et tout et tout... anyway!


- Lookbook (of course!!):
- Ykone :
-Tendances de Mode :
- MadmoiZelle :
- Weardrobe :
- Le blog de fashiontoast :
- Le blog de Betty :
- Le blog de tavi :
- Le blog de Tokyo Banhbao :
- etc.. if you know any others, tell me

kisses!!! -xox-

Ah, and here is the new croisière collection of Celine by Phoebe Philo. It's SIMPLY gorgeous! (some pictures are from

Today was a rainy day :(

Today, it was cold and rainy... WTF we're in June!! So this is my outfitt: it's a little more of a winter outfitt but the sun wasn't there to see it so... who cares =) I love my mini-hat by the way! It's pretty cool! I got it on a doll of mine... :) I'm recycling things like that! Did you ever realized how this sign: XD looks stupid when it's not in capital letters?? xd... it's horrible! That's why I'll never use that sign in my post. If I do, please tell me :)

So here are the pictures! Enjoy :)

dimanche 14 juin 2009

Karl Who? bag

So this is my new bag!! I took the idea from here. It took me 5 minutes to do it, with nail polish and my fingers (I didn't have any acrylic...). Annabu from lookbook made a tee with the same logo, but I had made my bag as soon as the article came out on coco's blog (so before her, I assume). Here are the pictures!

Very First Post

Okay, so I'm creating this blog because U need a blog to register on Lookbook. Why do I want to be on lookbook?? Because I'm creating stuff BEFORE a lot of girls/boys on lookbook and nobody can see I actualy created that stuff and then , somebody on lookbook create something that looks a lot like mine and then, people in the streets could think I'm getting my ideas from lookbook AND IT'S NOT TRUE!!!

So this is why I'm creating this blog, even if I HATE blogs...