mardi 16 juin 2009

It was HOT today!! Finally a real June temperature... ouf!!   Here's my outfit! Hope u like it =) even with the socks :p

I took those in the morning, but before I left my house, I added a "peace" necklace, a pearl necklace in my hair (it's beatiful, I'll probably do that again) and a gold bracelet gilded with red stones :) It was pretty cool I think... Anyway, here are the pictures of the outfit WITHOUT the accesories, if I have time, I'll take new ones with them on :)

kisses -xox-

The one where I'm running looks SO stupid lol... I was trying to immitate Coco Rocha, it didn't work lol!!

4 commentaires:

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOWWW you're beautiful! I LOVE the first picture!

    Could you post the pictures WITH the accessories? plzz!!

    Ur necklace is cool! why didn't u keep it??

  2. I like how the dress looks all effortlessly cool but then you have the heels to add some glamour. very cute!

  3. haha you are so funny! i love the socks & heels look :)