lundi 15 juin 2009

Today was a rainy day :(

Today, it was cold and rainy... WTF we're in June!! So this is my outfitt: it's a little more of a winter outfitt but the sun wasn't there to see it so... who cares =) I love my mini-hat by the way! It's pretty cool! I got it on a doll of mine... :) I'm recycling things like that! Did you ever realized how this sign: XD looks stupid when it's not in capital letters?? xd... it's horrible! That's why I'll never use that sign in my post. If I do, please tell me :)

So here are the pictures! Enjoy :)

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  2. I love ur hat! so cute!!

    What kind of boots is that?? are they the same ? or is it two different but very similar kind??

  3. trop cute! reminds me of a modern Madeleine!

  4. actually the shoes are the same then in the pictures with the UK flag dress but i added socks on it to make it looks like plateforms