jeudi 18 juin 2009

Today was horrible, yesterday was better

I'll talk to u about yesterday =)

So yesterday was a hot and sunny day. I couldn't post anything because I was studying my history exam (it's friday and we have SO MUCH to learn...anyway!). So here are the pictures of what I was wearing yesterday. I'm not going to make a post on today because it was a bad day, with a french exam and I hate my french teacher. She fat, she's swetting like a pig and she have a beard... 

So I made this shredded tee myself, and under it, I'm wearing a AA swimsuit and a AA skirt. My shredded t-shirt was actually beautiful before my cat played with it and left a HUGE hole in it... I'll have to make another one :)

I also put picures of my new baby-rib tee, with the swimsuit and the AA skirt.


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  1. I know I love Irina!! I will check out Marie-Ève Nadeau!!

  2. Hahaha. thanks. :)
    wanna exchange link or follow me?;)

  3. yeah of course! :)

    Only, my new blog is

    thanks! :)